I began life in New Mexico, where I learned to LOVE and appreciate all things green chilies. If you share that passion too, you're in for some treats! If that isn't your cup of tea, don't fret. I customize the menu to fit YOUR tastes. The best thing about cold weather (in my humble opinion) is the fact that it is stew season. I learned early on how to craft hearty chili, creamy bisque, and silky stock. 

By the time I would be approaching middle school, my family moved to a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Growing up, I was surrounded mostly by Mexican and Italian food. The authentic sort. :)  As an adult, I began working in kitchens and bars that offered a variety of cuisines, many made from scratch. I learned a lot in the seafood world, and gained some great Cajun inspired recipes. They do such great things in the stew world, don't they? Along the way, I got a flare for some southern styles of cooking, like casseroles, baked items, and fried goodies, too. Asian culture has always fascinated me, so I have borrowed a hand full of recipes from West of the Pacific. They have all turned out quite well.

Basically, I am not tied to one style of cooking.

Some folks will require restrictions for health or diet reasons. I am constantly reading up on the latest breakthroughs in health and wellness to make sure that I am offering the best whole ingredients to help you maintain your lifestyle.

Folks without restrictions will still benefit from the whole foods, without being 'put on a diet.' 

All meal plans are custom fit for YOU. 

When sitting down for our consultation, I will ask what region is your 'happy place' when it comes to a good meal. This will not limit your meals to a particular style, but it will give me a jumping off point, if you will. I will tailor a menu that is as adventurous or safe as you like, and solicit feedback along the way.

My passion is to spread tasty nourishment that is always convenient, creative, and clean.

Regardless if you follow a strict diet or not, I am excited to meet your eating habits with flavor and encouragement.