How does this work?

The first conversation we have will be about your likes, loves, dietary needs, and expectations. Based on the information I gather, I will create a customized menu just for you. The following Monday, I will bring your meals to your home! It's that simple. The plans listed are all priced for 1 person. To add additional entrees for a spouse, it is only $5 per meal This means, if you are getting 10 meals a week, for you and your spouse, it's only an extra $50 a week! That is less than you can buy 2 meals for at any "sit-down" restaurant! 

The meals will vary with the season, so I will be soliciting feedback constantly to keep your favorites on your plan. All 'FRESH' plans offer a weeks worth of food. The 'TASTY MONTH' plans cover you for a month, still with weekly deliveries, to ensure freshness of every meal. Opting for TASTY MONTH plans will save you money, and time! 


For special events, births, deaths, and other gatherings, please contact Taste in Transit to build a custom one time order.