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Taste in Transit is based in Mineola, TX, and offers restaurant quality meals delivered straight to your home. Only fresh and seasonal ingredients are used, and local when available. The menu is tailored to each client, and his or her particular needs and pallet. Why spend your days shopping and chopping? Taste in Transit is happy to do it for you.

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Who has time for all of the shopping and chopping that fresh whole foods require daily? I do, so let me do it for you! Taste in Transit delivers meals that require almost zero effort to enjoy, made with the best ingredients available. Delivery radius currently spans through Wood and Smith Counties. Grant and Van Zandt Counties to be added shortly after the current restrictions surrounding the corona virus have been lifted. 
Enjoy new found free time, since you no longer need to go grocery shopping, nor spend hours each week preparing those groceries! Enjoy more life! You not only will gain hours each week by subscribing to Taste in Transit (since you won't be tied to your kitchen) but also eating whole foods will bring vitality back to your life that other "effortless" meals can rob you of.



My name is Sam, and I have been in the food service industry for 18+ years. I have been the host with the most, the bartender with and without a blender, the prep cook, the party planner, the corporate trainer, and even the general manager. I finally decided to start my own business to share passion for food with the world. My happy place is when I am creating. Taste in Transit affords me the opportunity to help those in my community experience food in a fun and fresh way with minimal effort on their part. When I am not making food, I am researching the best recipes to help my clients meet their health goals while maintaining the utmost flavor. Taste is such a personal thing, so I know that my favorite dish, may or may not be your favorite. I meet with each client, personally to discuss likes, loves, allergies, and expectations; and then create a flavor profile specifically for that individual.



Taste in Transit offers 6 different meal types to choose from. 

Quiche: Every week, we offer a unique quiche made with locally laid eggs, and farm to pie cheeses, veggies, and meats. Handmade buttery crusts wrap the eggs in a pillowy crisp. Served with fresh fruit. 

Salad: A fresh bed of locally sourced greens, homemade dressing, and Sam's choice of toppings. Check out our Facebook to see the salad of the week. 

Grazer: These are like a grown-up lunch-able (TM). They will have a hand selected combination of nuts, cheeses, meats, raw veggies, granola, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, and other items meant to be grazed upon. 

Dinner: Entrees meant to be eaten hot with 2 complimentary sides.

Soup: Enjoy a pint of home made soup, selection changes every week. 

Wrap: available upon request. 


All items are 100% customized to your tastes and dietary needs


Consultations available every

Tuesday and Thursday.

4 PM -  8 PM

Shopping, Chopping, and Delivering

Saturday - Monday

8 AM - 4 PM

Closed: Wednesday & Friday



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